Will Rinaldo continue to develop a Creation Master 12?

I’ve following the fifa 12 status eagerly almost everyday, not to miss anything. So far I’m surely enjoyed every single video officially released by EA Sports, and hoping to download demos, in the very day released soon.

However, I’m now curious as of the whereabout of Rinaldo. It’s been absents from replying a commentS in his own websites, http://www.fifa-master.com for quite sometimes.

Interestingly, my project on Malaysia Leagues, relies deeply on his softwares, famously called Creation Master or CM for short. I’ve been using Creation Masters since 2008, creating a gamemod about Malaysia football league for FIFA 08, FIFA09, FIFA 10, and the latest FIFA 11, all for PC version.

So the question now, will Creation Master 12 can be develop (again) by Rinaldo. He’s been unselfishly, using his entire free time tinkering and cracking FIFA 11 new format, which I believe a tedious task. I just hope he still have the full energy and motivation to do another series of tools for FIFA 12. Rinaldo, we respect you, and humbly recognized all your contribution to FIFA fans community.



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