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Malaysia Leagues for FIFA 12 PC is in progress

I just like to inform you all that the development of MSL4FIFA12PC  is in progress. I’ve been silently doing it for a couple of weeks already. However, FIFA 12 is not necessarily an updated version of FIFA 11. In fact the tournament or competition database has been changed so much that it’s harder to do it without special tools.

I’ve been following and participate in a various discussion about the matter at since the development of this gamepatch and I can say that non of the patch maker, veteran or newbie, have been able to crack or come up with a solution about CAREER MODE.

Yes, so far Malaysia Leagues patches DO WORK in Tournament mode. All for leagues and 3 cups are working without any problem in Tournament Mode.

However, career mode is another beast.

Since I’ve very limited time, I may, soon release the first version of MSL4FIFA12 PC season 2011 after Deepavali, with WARNING that it only works flawlessly in Tournament Mode.

Pictures, screen shots will be distributed here soon.

JOB VACANCY (no wages-heheheh)

I’m looking for volunteers to help me in preparing all miniheads of Malaysian players for the patch. Leave a message here with your contact (email or facebook id) for me to refer to you.