Malaysia League for FIFA 12 PC Season 2011 downloadable here

msl4fifa12 custom cover mockup

Consider this as pre-season 2012 patch before new season really kick off.

The first beta limited release has been release for a number of tester last November. I must say it is a relieve that the basis for these patch works as intended.

The second beta release, MSL4FIFA12PC beta 2.4 are available now.

Where is the LINK? The link to download will be available here.

Please be informed that MALAYSIA LEAGUE for FIFA 12 (MSL4FIFA12) SEASON 2012 will only  available on February 2012. It is due to the fact that our new season will start on mid of January next year. At the same time, all transfers as yet to finalize by all teams involved, so it’s can’t be done at the moment.

THIS PATCH IS NOT COMPATIBLE with ONLINE GAMING.  Should you frequently play FIFA 12 online, you’re advise to backup a whole FIFA 12 folder. Clean or pure FIFA 12 (without this patch) can still be use to play online, and second folder for FIFA 12+Patch.


For the new comer of this M-League patch, let me brief you more about the patch:

  1. Comprises of 4 tiers of League – Super League-1st tier, Premier League-2nd tier, FAM League-3rd tier, National League -4th tier.
  2. It has 48 teams – 14 teams in Super League, 12 teams in Premier League, 11 teams in FAM League and 10 teams in National League, and 1 Malaysia National Team added in INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE.
  3. 1 Charity Cup in the early season – battle between Super League champions against Malaysia Cup champions of previous year
  4. 2 Cups tournament in the middle of season – F.A. Cup (real) and Sabah International Invitational Cup aka MSLPatcher Cup (fantasy)
  5. 1 Cups tournament in the end of season – Malaysia Cup (real)
  6. Reintroduced of absent teams, previously competed in the M-League :- KL Plus FC, Proton FC, KM Naza FC, UPB-My Team FC and placed into National League.
  7. Artworks in terms of kits and others were done by Angelvsevil and MSLPatcher. Latest kits artwork are for season 2011 only.
  8. Most players in FAM League and National League are fake name/fantasy players. I can’t find all players so I choose to use unknown players.

Now a little help from you:

  1. All fans of Malaysia football, that plays this patch are encourage to help the creator of the patch in anyways possible. You can help me edit the position of players of each team that you know and send me the file back for further checking. You can still use CM11 to do the editing and I’ll will convert it for FIFA 12. Easy.
  2. Also I do need helps in CM News images for all 47 teams. If you play in tournament and career mode, you will see Terengganu, Kelantan, Selangor and Sabah team have their own news photos. Other team do not have it. So if you are from PERAK, for examples, you can compile, edit pictures and save it in DDS for further incorporation into CMNEWS.
  3. Glad you all a patience persons.

Fact of FILE:

Name of file : (2nd uploads – fix installation routines) /

Console/PC : PC version only. Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit. Simply put, if you can run and play FIFA 12 PC  in your PC, then this gamepatch is for you.

First public release date : 16th December 2011
2nd public release date : 17th December 2011 (fixing installation routine bugs)

Creator : mslpatcher

Type of file patch : EXE installer, repack in ZIP file for distribution.

Special requirement : FIFA 12 properly installed.

Size : 50 MB or more splitted to 4 files

Server :

Link to download #1:

MSL4FIFA12 Season 2011 beta2.4 by mslpatcher (2nd rel) – main Zip file splitted to four parts :
Click the link to download all parts – [ part 1 ][ part 2 ][ part 3 ][ part 4 ] [ Settings.TXT Fixed-MUST download ]
MSL4FIFA12 Season 2011 beta2.4 by mslpatcher – main Zip file splitted to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 files. (LOCKED due to installation bugs)
[ DL pwd: msLp4tcher4w0rld ]
[ Installation/setup pwd : ]
– hints : copy-paste is easy from this page.

THE DOWNLOAD LINK SUPPOSED TO BE FROM THIS PAGE. Any other sites should refer directly to this page, and not the the files download links.


  1. Download all three files and use Winzip or 7-zip or J-Zip (WInzip clone) to extract/unzip the content.
  2. Then run the EXE file for installation. The installation WILL overwrites some of FIFA 12 files especially the database. DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU AFRAID the consequences.
  3. Go to FIFA 12 folder in MY DOCUMENTS and delete SQUADXXXXXX files (or maybe put in backup folder if you want to retain it). This patch will not work properly if previous saved Squadxxxx file exist in that folder.
  4. Done, you can now Run FIFA 12 PC and play Malaysia League in your PC.
  5. AGAIN, Keep in mind all your previous game save no longer working, since the database structures and contents are now different.


So far, base on beta testing phase, only the following league will make your FIFA 12 crash, so it is best if you avoid playing it in Career Mode.

  1. Austria tipp3-Bundesliga
  2. Russia Premier League
  3. Switzerland Super League
  4. Portugal Liga SAGRES

Thank you for your support.

THIS IS A VOLUNTEER WORKS. Just us it as it is meant for. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

By Malaysian for Malaysian and the world.




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    1. To make this patch works, I have to borrows 4 original league id and 1 original nation id.
    2. Player id and team id is not an issue. I can create new player and new team without problem
    3. New League can be made but only works in tournament mode.

    For examples, in my first weeks in making patch (last October mind you), I have created 4 new league by using new Id. Since editing FIFA 12 were assumed like editing FIFA 11, I manage to make first alpha version of MSL4FIFA12. But only in tournament mode. A couple of weeks ended a couple of months without realizing that every configuration are impossible.

    Lastly, after much less-sleep and depression (almost), I thought of PES style, that is use original league (in PES case, PES League and D2 League). Then it works, but crash in the middle of creating negotiation players. After much hacking and editing without fruitful result, I ended up using France nation ID (18), and wallah, it works without a glitch. However, when I try to play France league (using new leagueid since I take 16 & 17 for LS & LP) it’ll crash.

    Clearly, the limitation are lock up in FIFA.exe, DLL files, and some BIG files.

    So far, we still waiting for a hero to overcome the limitation of FIFA12. In the meantimes, enjoy MSL4FIFA12 while avoid playing directly the following league in Career Mode:

    24 Austria tipp3-Bundesliga (1)
    25 Russia Premier League (1)
    26 Switzerland Super League (1)
    27 Portugal Liga SAGRES (1)

    Career mode will crash. League id 24,25,26, and 27 are NEW ID number, However as long as it is in simulated league, you can buy-sale players from or into the league without crash problem. But if you want to play in Tournament mode, then go ahead, no problem what so ever.

    So here are the league id of my msl4fifa12 league.

    80 Malaysia Super League (1)
    67 Malaysia Premier League (2)
    189 Malaysia FAM League (3)
    308 Malaysia National League (4)

    The league number above were taken from the above 24-27 leagues. That’s the secret of MSL4FIFA12. Of course the rest of the success are due to the setting in DLC folders. Take a look by yourself and comment here later.

  2. Crash bro masa nak start fifa 12

  3. me 2…crash whwn the logo fifa 12 appear at the opening…Hope u know why becoz i wanna try this patch

    • Cuba perkara ini:

      1. Delete SQUAD1xxxx dari dalam folde my document\fifa 12

      2. patch ini telah diinstall dengan betul ke dalam folder game, …\EA SPorts\FIFA 12 (DL semula dan gunakan installer public release 2 -17/12/2011 kalau masih keliru.

      3. try regenerate BH file menggunakan i68 Regenerator. (Installer kedua akan bagi pilihan untuk run terus Regenerator tu.

  4. Pernah main Barclay Premier League? Suka dengan layout dalam paparan tu di permulaan, senarai pemain di awal perlawanan, dan scoreboard semasa perlawanan, dan teringin nak guna di Liga Malaysia (dan di semua liga lain sebenarnya)

    Kepada penggemar patch saya dan sedang menggunakan patch ini, saya kongsi tips #1.

    1. Run FIFA FIle Master 12 (sila download dari kalau belum).
    2. Buka data1.big dan cari fail-fail BIG yang namanya bermula OVERLAY_20xx.BIG (xx tu nombor berturutan).
    3. EXTRACT/IMPORT keluar ke folder yg disukai. Selalunya ke dalam folde my document awak. Cari folder temp_fifa12. selalunya orang import ke dalamnya.
    4. Copy fail-fail overlay_20xx.BIG tu ke dalam folder FIFA 12 iaitu, EA Sports\FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\game\overlays. Mungkin awak kena create semua sub-folder tu sendiri kalau tak pernah wujud.
    5. Copy semua fail overlay_20xx.BIG kepada nama fail yg generic seperti di bawah:

    INI ADALAH BATCH COMMAND yg boleh dibuat dalam fail text yg dinamakan ‘NAMAFAIL.BAT’. copy je arahan di bawah ke dalam TEXT fail dan namakan hujungnya BAT di dalam folder yg saya sebut tadi. Lepas save. Klik dan dia akan copy fail overlay_xxxx tadi untuk awak.

    copy overlay_2002.big overlay_2.big
    copy overlay_2003.big overlay_3.big
    copy overlay_2012.big overlay_12.big
    copy overlay_2013.big overlay_13.big
    copy overlay_2015.big overlay_15.big
    copy overlay_2018.big overlay_18.big
    copy overlay_2020.big overlay_20.big
    copy overlay_2021.big overlay_21.big
    copy overlay_2042.big overlay_42.big
    copy overlay_2044.big overlay_44.big
    copy overlay_2045.big overlay_45.big
    copy overlay_2072.big overlay_72.big
    copy overlay_2073.big overlay_73.big
    copy overlay_2074.big overlay_74.big

    Kalau tak nak copy, rename pun boleh. gak

    6. Last sekali, regenerate BH file, sama ada gunakan i68 regenerator atau File-Master 12 itu sendiri.

    Saya rasa inilah masanya awak pelajari lebih lanjut cara mengguna i68 regenerator dan File Master 12. Saya sendiripun bermula dari zero semasa mulakan projek liga malaysia. So sesiapa yg baru ni pun patutnya buat perkara yg sama.

  5. Those have played with MSL4FIFA12 for a while now, I need you support. Why don’t you create a FIFA12 video with MSL4FIFA12 as it’s contents. It’ll help not only to the project but Malaysia football as a whole. That’s what I believe in.

    So pls, youtube video of MSL4FIFA12. Thank you.

  6. bro,ak da berjaya install patch nie,da men kick off,mmg best,tapi asal game ak crash to desktop time ak nak men career mode ngan tournament,online sume ak men ok,career mode ngan tournament jer prob,tolong ak plz…

  7. wei bakpe dokleh extract yg zip tu

  8. Is it the Fifa 12 folder and the Malaysia patch folder suppose to be separated?
    Because after I installed the patch now I got Fifa 12 folder (Original) and EASport folder (Malaysian Patch inside it). Please respond. TQ!

    • Pls use the newly uploaded MSL4FIFA12s2011 installer (2ND PUBLIC RELEASE). That’ll settle the installation problem. However, it do create a new folder named MSL4FIFA12 containing a PDF file for ‘light reading’.

  9. tolong aku boleh x bro? aku nak tahu ape codenye

  10. Dah patch , tapi sangkut kat logo fifa 12 . then out . Aku dah buang squadxxxx , da regenerate bh . aku guna installer yang baru lagi . macam mana ni ?

  11. Yes. I’ve been using the 2nd Public Release. One thing, is it the part 1 is same as part 2, 3 and 4? because I think the part 1 itself got the patch installer inside it. Kinda confuse.

  12. What I meant is it the content of part 1 is same as the content of part 2, 3 and 4. TQ!

  13. bro, save game kita boleh pakai balik tak kalau kita delete patch ni?

  14. dah buat semua, tapi x nampak pun league malaysia??

  15. bro,nak download kat mane installer yang baru

  16. asal pasword setup dia salah aja . aku dah copy patse

  17. i68 regenerator tu nk pilih option yg mane???1,2,3

    • Kalau yg terus run selepas install tu, check adakah alamat fifa 12 folder betul.Kalau ya, click butang GO. Tunggu hingga selesai, dan akhirnya klik OK utk QUIT program.

  18. Semua orang yg DL MSL4FIFA12 pubrel2 (atau pubrel1 dan berjaya), hendaklah memuatturun (DL), fix utk promotion dan relegation iaitu [ Settings.TXT Fixed-MUST download ] link di atas. Tamat season 1 akan crash sebab masalah relegation dari Liga Super ke Liga Premier (dan sebaliknya),.

    MALANGNYA SEMUA ORANG KENA MAIN SEMULA LIGA MALAYSIA. Ya lah, release ni pun beta 2.4. Rupa-rupanya masih ada masalah lagi. TQ.

  19. terbaek ar skrg dah leh maen!!!! thk….td silap regenerate…folder

  20. hello bro… tq very much 4 this patch…. stkt ni aku maen semuanya ok…. although masa mula2 tu crash je kejenya tp at last boleh gak install btol…. again, trimas bro!!!

  21. @mslpatcher ……. PATCH untuk lagu gomo kelate gomo ade tak

    • ada disediakan dalam folder MSLCHANTS bersama. Tapi sekarang cara pasang berbeza dalam FIFA12. Sila ikut tips yg ditulis di dalam TXT. Saya pun BUDAK BARU BELAJAR.

  22. sape yang still tak tau install patch ni,aku dah wat video tutorial,ni link die =

  23. Bro,apsal muke dlm patch Malaysia xsrupe langsung mcam yg btul??????

  24. Trima ksih la nmpkmya skrng leh main…..
    x dk problem g….
    tpi nma pmain agk lain….ssah nk cam….
    cm ne erk nk edit blik nma2 pmain…..

  25. assalamualaikum,,,,knape ek,,haritu aq buat ok jer,,,install,,,tp dalam program file,,,folder i68 tu kosong jer,,,
    1-fifa bley run,,,tp xde pun liga malaysia….(dalam document/fifa12/*xde pun squadxxx) try buat balik,,unistal fifa,,,n install balik….try buat balik semua step ikut vdeo atas tu,,
    3…kali ni crash dump….fifa lansung xley play,,,,

    aq ada bace komen2 atas,,generate balik la,,,macam2,,tp aq xjumpe pun software i68 tu??so??camner ni??

  26. bro..knp tournament tak bleh main??

  27. prob ady thx msl 😀

  28. tapi masa buka fifa file master ia show unhandled application.kenapa?

  29. salam…..ewmmm aq dh setel dh sume….
    tp ble aq nk try men kick off tibe2 crash
    cmne ek??need help

  30. Bro,kenapa career mode tu ada player yang ada picture ada yang takde?

  31. kenape name club terengganu dan semua club liga super : teamname_abbr15_1000003

  32. speaking sikit boh….why i can’t extract that file??

  33. This patch is awesome, i installed and play already.. and i just beat Egypt 2-1 using Malaysia National team in friendly match.

    tapi kalau saya nak edit nama2 player ni boleh tak? Guna creation master 12 or what?
    Contoh nama Amirul hadi, kt game tulis Zainal.. Saya nak letak Amirul Hadi boleh?

    dan bilakah season 12 punya nak keluar? can’t wait for it.
    dan terakhir sekali, kalau nak delete patch ni macam mana? just unistall it or what?
    takut corrupt pulak file yang lain.. Please reply, Thank you bro 🙂

  34. pesal die mntak passwrd…ape psswrd die..?

  35. xboleh nk generate.x jmp fail fifa 12.SOS

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