FIFA 12 Malaysia League 2012 patch project in progress : Report 2

Here is a kits designs imported to CM11 (screenshots)


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  1. Ade Malaysia national team x ?

  2. bro lu x nk wat utk ps2 ke??

  3. ps2??? ape la ko ni… patch ni just for PC ONLY,takde ps3 ke ps2 ke x box ke,macam mane lah nak wat patch ni for ps2,btw mslpatcher,keep it up,i always support you

  4. utk patch yg bru nih agk2 bile leh siap???

  5. wah…x sabar nye tgk kit-kit baru ni

  6. haaaa.. dah masuk bulan februari dah ni.. bila agak2nya nak siap tu ye? (ayat lebih kurang sama dgn Mohamad Fahmy)

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