Hi, welcome to my new FIFA 12 patch project. I’m well known as MSLPatcher in all my gamepatch works but I’m also known as Skeptik in Soccergaming.com. Well this is, probably, will be my fifth Malaysia League patch project for FIFA PC’s series.

The first are Malaysia Super League for FIFA 09, which later expanded to include both Malaysia Super League and Premier League for FIFA09, MSLPL4FIFA09 for short.

The second FIFA patch comes from a request. So a birth of Malaysia Super League for FIFA08, or MSL4FIFA08 just a months after the first project.

The third project are for FIFA 10. The first version of MSLPL4FIFA10 were born, but still using season 2009 line-up, in late December 2009. Unfortunately due to time constraint, second version never realised to update with later roster of season 2010.

The forth project a for FIFA11 which includes both Liga Premier and Liga Super. However it also comes with additional third tier league, namely FAM Cup League and I add a fantasy league called National Cup League.

What is new in FIFA 12 patch, you may ask. Well for one thing, Malaysia League will be the utmost priority. Thanks to Rinaldo that able to crack the mystery of FIFA 11 PC, I hope he will continue able to produce a tools for me to use, like Creation Master 12 and Database Master 12, hopefully by November-December 2011 windows.

Other than that, please stay with us as EA Sports reveal more about FIFA 12 this years until the release date of November 2011 (I suppose).

Oh, have I mentioned I’m Sabahan?

  1. Thanks for Malaysia Patch for Fifa 12. Been waiting for this. Great work! Keep it up!

  2. ok dah install…terbaeekk bro!!!

  3. bro..boleh bg acc bank..klau maybank lg baik…aku nk bg sumbangan sket..sbg tanda penghargaan atas usaha nko slama ni…boleh pm kat acc facebook aku..Hashim Yusof.

  4. Bro,kau boley buat patch Malaysia yg gempak skett tambah BOOT skali..

  5. sye perlukan bantuan . sye tak faham untuk download malaysia patch for fifa 2012

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