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Malaysia League for FIFA 12 PC Season 2012 downloadable here

msl4fifa12 custom cover mockup
MSL4FIFA12 SEASON 2012 (beta 1)

The first beta release, MSL4FIFA12 season 2012 beta 1 are available now.

Where is the LINK? The link to download will be available here.

THIS PATCH IS NOT COMPATIBLE with ONLINE GAMING. Should you frequently play FIFA 12 online, you’re advise to backup a whole FIFA 12 folder. Clean or pure FIFA 12 (without this patch) can still be use to play online, and second folder for FIFA 12+Patch.


For the new comer of this M-League patch, let me brief you more about the patch:

  1. Comprises of 4 tiers of League – Super League-1st tier, Premier League-2nd tier, FAM League-3rd tier, National League -4th tier.
  2. It has 51 teams – 14 teams in Super League, 12 teams in Premier League, 10 teams in FAM League and 13 teams in National League, and 1 Malaysia National Team added in INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE while Harimau Muda A are added to Rest of World League.
  3. 1 Charity Cup in the early season – battle between Super League champions against Malaysia Cup champions of previous year
  4. 2 Cups tournament in the middle of season – F.A. Cup (real) and Sabah International Invitational Cup aka MSLPatcher Cup (fantasy)
  5. 1 Cups tournament in the end of season – Malaysia Cup (real)
  6. Reintroduced of absent teams, previously competed in the M-League :- KL Plus FC, Proton FC, KM Naza FC, UPB-My Team FC and placed into National League.
  7. Artworks in terms of kits and others were done by Angelvsevil and MSLPatcher. Latest kits artwork are for season 2012.

Fact of FILE:

Name of file : FIFA

Console/PC : PC version only. Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit. Simply put, if you can run and play FIFA 12 PC in your PC, then this gamepatch is for you.

First public release date : 16th December 2011 – season 2011 edition
2nd public release date : 17th December 2011 (fixing installation routine bugs)
3rd public release date : 21st February, 2012 – season 2012 edition

Creator : mslpatcher

Type of file patch : ZIP installer, repack in ZIP file for distribution.

Special requirement : FIFA 12 properly installed.

CM 12 required : NO.

Size : 86 MB or more splitted to 5 files

Server :

Link to download #1:

MSL4FIFA12 Season 2012 beta1 by mslpatcher  – main Zip file splitted to four parts :
Click the link to download all parts –
[ part 1  – FIFA ]
[ part 2 – FIFA 12_mslpatcher_MSL4FIFA12_s2012_BETA1_21022012_split.z01 ]
[ part 3 – FIFA 12_mslpatcher_MSL4FIFA12_s2012_BETA1_21022012_split.z02 ]
[ part 4 – FIFA 12_mslpatcher_MSL4FIFA12_s2012_BETA1_21022012_split.z03 ], and
[ part 5 – FIFA 12_mslpatcher_MSL4FIFA12_s2012_BETA1_21022012_split.z04 ]

[ Download pwd: msLp4tcherhere2 ]
[ Installation/setup pwd : —– none —– ]

Additional as of 25/02/2012

[ FIX 1 (beta1.2)a small for tournament mode crash. It also contains latest lineup for Malaysia NT and 3 Extra Players Team – non playable ]No longer needed. DOWNLOAD BELOW instead.

[ FIX 2 (beta 1.4) – a small fix for FIFA 12 crash. It also contains latest lineup for Malaysia NT and 3 teams in Rest of World  – playable as replacement team ]A MUST DOWNLOAD – 26/02/2012

[ Download pwd: msLp4tcherfixme ]
[ Installation/setup pwd : —– none —– ]

– hints : copy-paste is easy from this page.

– Use WINZIP or WinRAR only to extract (and auto-combine) these files.

THE DOWNLOAD LINK SUPPOSED TO BE FROM THIS PAGE. Any other sites should refer directly to this page, and not the the files download links.


  1. Download all three files and use Winzip or WinRAR only to extract/unzip the content.
  2. Then again, open the ZIP file to extract the files INTO EA SPORTS/FIFA 12 FOLDER. It will then install everything into FIFA 12 folder. The installation for beta1 is simple, i.e. by using unzip function.
    The installation WILL overwrites some of FIFA 12 files especially the database. DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU AFRAID the consequences.
  3. IMPORTANT !!! Run Fifa12 i68Regenerator.exe to refresh BH Files to includes new additions. Usually Fifa12 i68Regenerator.exe once installed will be in the EA SPorts\FIFA12\Game folder. Run and click GO.
  4. Go to FIFA 12 folder in MY DOCUMENTS and delete SQUADXXXXXX files (or maybe put in backup folder if you want to retain it). This patch will not work properly if previous saved Squadxxxx file exist in that folder.
  5. Done, you can now Run FIFA 12 PC and play Malaysia League in your PC.
  6. AGAIN, Keep in mind all your previous game save no longer working, since the database structures and contents are now different.
  8. MUST DO MANUAL EDITING TO FIX CRASH ISSUE. Pls refer to comment 176 below


So far, base on beta testing phase, only the following league will make your FIFA 12 crash, so it is best if you avoid playing it in Career Mode.

  1. Austria tipp3-Bundesliga
  2. Russia Premier League
  3. Switzerland Super League
  4. Portugal Liga SAGRES

Thank you for your support.

THIS IS A VOLUNTEER WORKS. Just us it as it is meant for. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

By Malaysian for Malaysian and the world.




FIFA 12 Malaysia League 2012 patch project in progress : Report 3

Here is a kits designs imported to CM11 (screenshots) – 2nd batch.

Remember this : I work with CM11 first before converting the database manually to FIFA 12 edition.

FIFA 12 Malaysia League 2012 patch project in progress : Report 2

Here is a kits designs imported to CM11 (screenshots)

Malaysia Leagues for FIFA 12 PC is in progress

I just like to inform you all that the development of MSL4FIFA12PC  is in progress. I’ve been silently doing it for a couple of weeks already. However, FIFA 12 is not necessarily an updated version of FIFA 11. In fact the tournament or competition database has been changed so much that it’s harder to do it without special tools.

I’ve been following and participate in a various discussion about the matter at since the development of this gamepatch and I can say that non of the patch maker, veteran or newbie, have been able to crack or come up with a solution about CAREER MODE.

Yes, so far Malaysia Leagues patches DO WORK in Tournament mode. All for leagues and 3 cups are working without any problem in Tournament Mode.

However, career mode is another beast.

Since I’ve very limited time, I may, soon release the first version of MSL4FIFA12 PC season 2011 after Deepavali, with WARNING that it only works flawlessly in Tournament Mode.

Pictures, screen shots will be distributed here soon.

JOB VACANCY (no wages-heheheh)

I’m looking for volunteers to help me in preparing all miniheads of Malaysian players for the patch. Leave a message here with your contact (email or facebook id) for me to refer to you.



It’s been officially announced in Gamecom 2011. EA Sports has revealed details of its FIFA 12 demo, planned for release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on September 13. In the demo, we will find a number of team such as Barcelona, Arsenal, Man City, Marseille, Dortmund and AC Milan.

As of the nature of demos, it is a limited experience, just enough to test the ‘new features of the game. The time limit of game match have lock to 3 minutes per half. It also mentioned Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium will be the demos stadium.

So far, I’m eagerly waited for FIFA 12 after having watched all the related videos and hopefully it truly justified a claimed that “FIFA 12 is a revolution in football games”.

Will downloading FIFA 12 PC demos on 13th SEPTEMBER 2011. Official game release are on 27th September 2011.

Will Rinaldo continue to develop a Creation Master 12?

I’ve following the fifa 12 status eagerly almost everyday, not to miss anything. So far I’m surely enjoyed every single video officially released by EA Sports, and hoping to download demos, in the very day released soon.

However, I’m now curious as of the whereabout of Rinaldo. It’s been absents from replying a commentS in his own websites, for quite sometimes.

Interestingly, my project on Malaysia Leagues, relies deeply on his softwares, famously called Creation Master or CM for short. I’ve been using Creation Masters since 2008, creating a gamemod about Malaysia football league for FIFA 08, FIFA09, FIFA 10, and the latest FIFA 11, all for PC version.

So the question now, will Creation Master 12 can be develop (again) by Rinaldo. He’s been unselfishly, using his entire free time tinkering and cracking FIFA 11 new format, which I believe a tedious task. I just hope he still have the full energy and motivation to do another series of tools for FIFA 12. Rinaldo, we respect you, and humbly recognized all your contribution to FIFA fans community.